Super Star Double Knit - Wine/Tan/Black

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This Italian double knit has a lovely print that that, depending on the way you cut it, looks rather like a graphics-arts star pattern, or like Z-V. It's so fun! It's not technically reversible, but because the reverse is beautifully finished, you can use it in garments where the "wrong side" shows. It's machine washable, and wrinkle resistant, making it perfect for travel. Make it into an easy-care jacket, pants, dress, or skirt. 

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•  Seraflex Beet Red   
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Content: Polyester Lycra
Width: 60
Weight: Medium
Uses: Dress Skirt Jacket Pants
Needle: Stretch 75/11
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Stretch: 35% crosswise

•  19-1521     (Red Mahogany)