A Rockstar Frock Coat

A Rockstar Frock Coat

Oct 26, 2019Ann Steeves

Background: In June of this year, I spent a weekend with my little sister by another mother Angela doing a Sit and Sew with Kenneth King. If you can swing it, this weekend is TOTALLY worth it! You will learn so much, and Kenneth is a blast to work with. He will get his own "Sewing Friends" post in the not too distant future.

During that weekend, I got to try on a frock coat that Kenneth created for an article he did in Threads Magazine. I fell in love and decided to make one for myself. I can't take credit for the pattern; a friend drafted it for me. I think you can find something similar from Marfy Patterns

I Made a Muslin, then I got going on the garment. I used a Jacquard Weave Wool Coating that I just love. For the lining pieces, I used Extra Wide Silk Ottoman - Black. I used interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply for the cuffs and facings. Under collar interfacing  and shoulder pads came from Bias Bespoke. I also used sleeve heads from Susan Khalje

Everything went together beautifully. The toughest part was working on matching the motifs. I concentrated on the back, sleeves and sides. I also ordered absolutely gorgeous vintage glass buttons from an Etsy seller in Paris. More on that store later.  Once they came, I sewed them on. Can I just tell you? Order from this place - they do a beautiful, careful, and thoughtful job of packing your order. So chic... Sigh

I finished all the seams with silk organza Hong Kong bindings (which, alas, I didn't photograph, but you know what they look like). I applied small buttons to the vents on the back, on the cuffs, and on the pockets.
I applied large buttons on the front.
I'll take the coat to Jonathan Embroidery in New York next week to sew the buttonholes (there are a lot of them).
In the meantime, I tried the coat on, and asked my husband what he thought of it. His reaction? "I'd better RSVP to the company party so I can show you off!"
Well, that's a pretty good endorsement of my work! 😊
Here are some pictures of the not yet completed coat on me. 
Happy sewing!

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