A (very) Quick Project - Hair Wrap

A (very) Quick Project - Hair Wrap

Apr 07, 2023Ann Steeves

Many years ago, before I had cancer and lost my hair, someone (I don't remember who) gifted me a terrycloth hair wrap. I know it was before cancer, because it has remnants of hair dye on it. 

I loved it, but it's threadbare and worn, and the elastic is pretty much kaput. It's time to replace it. So I decided to do just that. And make an extra for my future daughter in law :)

Hair wraps are SUPER easy, and a good way to use up an extra 3/4 or so yard of fabric. I cut a yard of our Spa Terrycloth for a customer and discovered that there was a little scuff mark close to one selvage. Rather than send her that (it's just not GORGEOUS enough, darlings), I cut her another, pristine piece, and took the reject home. 

To make a hair wrap, you need 1/2 yard of 60 inch wide terrycloth, 3/4 yard of 1/4 inch elastic, and a button.

I traced off the old hair wrap and added seam allowances to make the pattern. 

(photographed on darker fabric so you can see it)

I sewed the center seam and finished the raw edges of the hem with my serger, inserting a loop of elastic at the center front (the shallow curved angle).

Turn up a 5/8 inch hem, forming a casing for the elastic, and sew with a straight stitch, leaving 1 inch or so open at the center back.

Use a loop threader (the kind for re-threading hoodies) to insert 1/4 inch elastic into the casing. Sew the ends of the elastic together. Pull taut and sew the rest of the hem closed.

Sew a button (I like 1 inch) at the center back.

And voila! You have a hair wrap! Here's the before and after.

And here's my new one, waiting for tomorrow morning.

So if you are looking for a quick project that is a good way to use a small amount of fabric, and maybe even make a nice gift, here you go!

Happy sewing!

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