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Working with Panel Prints and Thoughts on McCalls M7637 Bomber Jacket
Oct 15, 2022
I've made this jacket three times now: once for DH, and twice for me. So...
Thoughts on Simplicity S8389 Shorts
Jul 31, 2022
An easy to make, easy to wear pair of summer shorts.
Thoughts on Kenneth King's Raglan Sleeve Coat/Class
May 19, 2022
An epic coat thanks to an excellent teacher.
Getting Creative with Small Cuts of Fabric
Feb 06, 2022
When the sewing goddesses hand you lemons (in the case of small pieces of fabric), make lemonade! Plus gratuitous Mooshie birthday shot.
McCalls M7874 and My Beef About Bad Instructions
Nov 01, 2021
A decent pattern, with some instruction problems, but it turned out okay.
A Hybrid Style Arc Ann-Riva Top
Oct 26, 2021
An easy, quick top, with a slightly different construction method for fast and clean results.