Fear Not The Fabric

Fear Not The Fabric

Feb 15, 2021Ann Steeves

You know, about about every other month I get an email or a text from a customer or student saying something along the lines of "I bought this fabric and it's beautiful but I'm afraid to cut into it."

Why are you afraid? It was expensive? You don't feel worthy? You think you're not "advanced" enough? You've never sewn with knits/bouclé/cashmere/anything-other-than-quilting-cotton?

Well, let me just get my best Mom voice on and say, "Stop it." No, seriously, stop it.

I'm not saying this in any snarky way, and I'm not being condescending. But the fact is that leaving a fabric in a drawer or tub or whatever means you won't get the pleasure you deserve from it. And that is sad. That fabric deserves to be worn. By you. So sew it!

Okay, you feel like you need help with something? There are lots of places and people willing to help, both for free and for pay.

I'm going to be blunt here; you absolutely get what you pay for. I don't recommend YouTube. Go to a reputable organization. Join the American Sewing Guild (www.asg.org) for a minimal amount each year. You'll get LOTS of great resources, and access to chapter meetings and neighborhood groups where you can get advice. Threads Magazine has lots of great information for subscribers that will help you sew just about anything.

Join one of the great online classes. Kenneth D. King and Susan Khalje are fabulous for couture and designer techniques, and they both offer online and in-person options (full disclosure, they are both dear friends, but I am not affiliated nor compensated by either).

Want an online option that has all levels, menswear, womens wear, and more? Try  University of Fashion.

Or another option? Find a pattern you love, get a good sewing book, settle yourself in, and get going.

But don't let that fabric languish. You deserve better; it deserves better.

Fear Not The Fabric!

After all, YOU'RE the one with the shears.


Happy sewing!

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