Ideas for Holiday Sewing Gifts

Ideas for Holiday Sewing Gifts

Dec 14, 2019Ann Steeves

It's that time of year again - when a sewist's thoughts turn toward gift giving and getting. So here are some ideas for gifts for the sewists on your list. There are no affiliate links in this post, and I receive no monetary (or otherwise) compensation for my recommendations (with one exception - guess which that is 😆). These are things that I either own or have used in the past.

First things first: A Gorgeous Fabrics Gift Card

You can't go wrong here. Available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100, it's the gift that always fits. It's always in perfect taste, and it's the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. AND it's instantaneous, so if you need a last minute gift, you can have it in a nanosecond.

Go on. You know you want it. Ask for it! Click on the picture to go to the product page.

Stocking Stuffers

Oh, I could go on for days with all the little tools that I love and use every time I sew something. But here are a few that I find particularly indispensable:

Pamela's Patterns 12 Inch Curve Runner

This tool is great for measuring curved seams. I love it for comparing sleeve ease to armscye opening, and it's also great for measuring necklines. Once you start using one you'll wonder how you lived without it.

Clover Hold It Precision Stiletto

I can't tell you how many times I've burned my fingers trying to hold a really small seam in place. Not any more! This tool has a silicone tip that holds anything firmly, and withstands heat and steam. At the other end is a curved point that's great for feeding fabric into your sewing machine for easing.

Clover Desktop Needle Threader

This little gadget will thread any needle, even the really fine-eye Japanese needles that I love so for hand sewing. Just put your needle in the holder, lay your thread in the notch, and press the lever. Voila! You've got a threaded needle without any eye strain!

A Little More Expensive, but worth it!

Gingher 7 ½ inch Pinking Shears

I had a pair of pinking shears from another manufacturer, but they had plastic handles, which ultimately broke when I tried to cut through several layers of coating fabric. There's no danger of that with this workhorse. 

Sapporo Gravity Feed Iron

I have one of these at home and another in the office. It's well priced, heats quickly, gives a great fine steam and doesn't shut off until I shut it off. 

Stitch Nerd Custom Ham

Okay, so this one probably won't arrive in time for the holidays, but it's a lovely gift! Stitch nerd makes really high quality hams. This one is mine, and I've had it for years and I put it through heavy use. You pick out the fabric you want for both sides: one side is wool, the other is cotton. She makes it and sends it off to you and you have pressing nirvana. 

If Santa is Feeling Generous

Juki DDL 8700 Lockstitch Machine

I could suggest some sewing machines that will cost as much as a small car, but frankly I'm just not that into them. I don't do embroidery, and I don't need a bajillion stitches. What I do need is a machine that can sew through everything from chiffon to leather, with a tight stitch. I had a Juki DDL 8700 for years and it broke my heart to sell it when I downsized several years ago. I have missed it every day since, even though I do love my little Brother machine. But woo hoo!!! Santa told me that he's bringing me one to my new office!!!! I recommend getting a servo motor rather than a clutch motor, so you can control the speed. Also, be sure to buy a zipper foot, invisible zipper foot, and a teflon foot if you plan to sew leather. The feet for these machines are very inexpensive, so stock up on them. You'll love this machine, I promise. I sure will!

Juki MCS 1500 Coverstitch Machine

This little machine has a smooth engine, a beautiful stitch, and it's lightweight and portable (unlike the industrial big brother above). And it's a very reasonably priced alternative to other coverstitch machines on the market. I've had one for two years.I use it constantly and it's never given me any trouble. And I love the hems that it makes!

A Class with Susan Khalje or Kenneth King

Another gift that keeps on giving is a class with either of these two wonderful teachers. I've taken classes with both of them, sometimes together, and they are so generous with their knowledge, and so patient with students. I always walk away knowing so much more than when I came in to the class. I took a semi-private weekend class with Kenneth last year, and I'll be taking the French Jacket class with Susan in 2020. Bonus - they are doing a sit and sew together in Baltimore in July, 2020. If you can swing it, definitely try to go!

I hope that gives you some ideas for gifts during this giving season. Enjoy, and happy sewing!


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