March Newsletter - Lots Going on at Gorgeous Fabrics!

March Newsletter - Lots Going on at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Mar 20, 2022Ann Steeves

Well, hello! Can you believe that this coming Monday is the Equinox? It’s going to be spring here in Boston, and to my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, fall is in the air! With the change of seasons around here comes the hope for new life, and the promise of longer days. The trees are already setting their buds, the birds are singing more lively, and lots of exciting things are happening at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Four different test garments. L-R Pants, a coat, a jacket, an evening gown.

Muslin - the Workhorse of Any Atelier, Including Yours

If you ever visit a designer atelier, you will see bolts and bolts of unbleached cotton muslin. It’s used to drape, test, and size new designs and it is one of the unsung heroes of fashion. Well, perhaps not entirely unsung. John Galliano, at one point in his time at Dior, sent a gown down the runway that was half muslin (with pencil markups), and half silk satin. It was a brilliant homage to les petit mains as well as a cheeky sendup of the process of couture construction. I saw the dress in Paris at the Dior, Designer of Dreams exhibit, and if I can find a picture, I’ll post it on my Instagram.

I routinely make muslins, also called toiles, of any new pattern to check the fit, proportion, and general construction of the garment. Making a muslin will save you time in the long run, and give you a wealth of information both about the pattern and about how it will work on your body. I can’t stress enough how much taking the time to make a muslin will make a difference in your final garment. You don’t have to make the entire garment, just the major parts, especially those that are crucial to fit or the overall design. You’ll notice that, in the examples I’ve posted here, I don’t include things like facings, linings, or decorative elements. The point is to baste the major elements of the garment together, and see how it fits and how you like it.

At Gorgeous Fabrics, we stock three weights of unbleached muslin: Coat/Jeans Weight 50 Inch Unbleached Muslin, Soft, Blouse-Weight 48 Inch Wide Unbleached Muslin, and High-Quality 65 Inch Wide Unbleached Muslin. The Coat/Jeans Weight is great for test garments for jeans, coats and jackets - any garment where you have a heavy, relatively stiff final fabric that you want to emulate. The Soft, Blouse-Weight is perfect for blouses, light dresses - items that are made from floaty fabrics. And the High-Quality 65 Inch Wide Unbleached Muslin is an all-purpose go-to. I use it for most applications from trousers to dresses and even coats.

Making a muslin will really help you elevate your sewing game. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Click Here to Shop Muslin

I’m a Featured Speaker at the Sew Like a Pro Summit!

Are you looking for some fresh inspiration for your sewing? I’m one of the featured speakers at the Sew Like A Pro The Future of Fashion! This free summit will take place over several days, and it will have inspiring speakers like Gail Yellen of Gail Patrice Designs, Jennifer Stern of JStern Designs, and so many more! Guess what I’ll be talking about? If you guessed fabrics, you get a gold star! This is an opportunity to be inspired by top experts and teachers. I’m thrilled to be an invited speaker and to share tips and knowledge with you. 

A few of the topics that will be covered include:

  • How to create infinity dresses from ONE sewing pattern
  • Serging with confidence 
  • Top tips to confidently pick your fabrics (that’s me!)
  • And many many more

You can watch from wherever you are, and whenever is convenient during the dates of the Summit. There will be extra bonuses and promo codes from all the speakers that you won’t want to miss (yes, including Gorgeous Fabrics)!

Click Here to Register


Save The Date for Trouser Draft with Kenneth D. King

If there is a Sewing Rock Star, Kenneth D. King is it!! No, seriously. He’s designed for Rock and Roll Royalty. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to announce that Kenneth D. King will be teaching a 3-day, hands-on Trouser Draft Class at Gorgeous Fabrics’ Galactic Headquarters this August! Mark your calendars: Friday, August 12 - Sunday, August 14. In this class, you will create a pattern that will fit you, with his foolproof method. I’ve done this class with him, and I have a pattern that I can use for just about every style of pants/shorts I could want. 

Kenneth is a wonderful teacher. He’s funny, he’s supportive, and he drops pearls of wisdom that you will use in every aspect of your sewing journey. 

Be sure to save the dates. Registration will go live in April, so keep an eye out. We will observe all CDC-recommended guidelines for safe interaction. Gorgeous Fabrics offices are located in Billerica, MA, and they are handicapped accessible. 

Well, that’s all for today. Have a great rest of your weekend, and of course,
Happy sewing!


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