Nose Clip Hardware for DIY Masks

Nose Clip Hardware for DIY Masks

Aug 03, 2020Ann Steeves

Peeps, I'm sick to death (pardon the awful pun) of making masks, but I do it on a regular basis, for myself, family, friends and strangers. I have a couple of favorite mask patterns, but the thing that has been missing for me is a good method for moulding them around the bridge of the nose. Larry (husband) takes off his glasses when wearing his masks because they fog them up. I wear contacts so they don't affect me as much, but I take my sunglasses off when I wear a mask.

But recently, and for once in my life (probably the only time), I clicked on a Facebook ad. I saw an ad for a company that makes metal nose bridge pieces for masks, Advance Manufacturing Enterprise, and I clicked on the link. They have a couple of different styles, so I bought a pack that had 50 of each, and I have to tell you, they make a world of difference! 

I bought the Mask Insert - Combo - 50/50 Pack, which has 50 straight and 50 contoured. I've used several of the straight ones by inserting them between layers of masks. They work wonderfully. Larry is very happy because he can wear his glasses and his mask. I haven't tried the contour ones yet, but I will. I sent a bunch of masks off to my Sister-By-Another-Mother in Sydney this week.

Please know that I receive no compensation for this post. I found this company by chance and I'm glad I did. Their shipping was fast, and their service was great. I definitely recommend them. Stay safe, and

Happy sewing!


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