Now You Can Buy Metrosene Thread at Gorgeous Fabrics!

Exciting news! For years, customers have been asking me to sell matching thread with our Gorgeous Fabrics. Well, consider it done! Gorgeous Fabrics now sells Mettler Metrosene Thread. IMO, this is the best thread on the market (and I've tried them all). It's lint free, comes in a rainbow of colors, and sews beautifully with any fabric. And now you can get it from Gorgeous Fabrics!

You can either pick your own colors, or if you prefer, just ask me to match it to your fabric. If you want me to match, order the number of spools you want in white, and send me an email asking me to match to your fabric. I'll take care of you and ship your thread along with your fabrics. It's a great service, and one I'm so excited to offer to my customers!
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