Yes, There HAS Been Sewing Around Here - And Happy Summer!

Yes, There HAS Been Sewing Around Here - And Happy Summer!

Aug 12, 2021Ann Steeves

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted on the blog. Sorry for the delay! Things have been sewn, and you can see them if you follow my Instagram Account. My time has been taken up with buying/photographing/listing/selling fabrics, for which I am EXTREMELY grateful. Because I've been so busy, though I have been making things, I only seem to have time to snap a couple of quick pics on Instagram.

I have been making a bunch of clothes this summer. I seem to have worn through a number of my favorites recently, and I needed to replace them. I'm afraid I'm a rather pedestrian sewist; I don't sew every day to draw eyeballs, and the garments I make, especially since the pandemic started, lean more utilitarian than glamorous. But I do sew garments that I wear over and over. Which means that every so often, I need to add to my wardrobe when garments I have loved and worn give up the ghost. 

Long story short, I have sewn a bunch of things, and here are a few pictures.

I made Style Arc's Ariel Skirt, and then I made (yet another) Style Arc Ann Tee to go with it. I love the combination together. The Ariel is floaty, with circular ruffles (thank you, Style Arc, for that lovely design!), and a flat front waistband attached to an elasticized back waistband.

To wear with it (and separately, as well) I made yet another Ann Tee Top, also from Style Arc. What can I say? It looks good on me, it fits, it doesn't constrict my neck (which is something I cannot abide ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago, don't know why).

I also made a highly modified version of Simplicity Skort pattern,

which, in an amusing story that I can drag out over drinks but won't here, I wore when I was wrangled into being the handler of a border collie in an AKC show. And the dog I was handling got second place! Sorry to keep directing you there, but if you want to see the dog (who was really sweet and really beautiful), and the skort in action, go check my IG back at the end of June.

I've also made kind of cute, kind of way out of my wheelhouse elasticized waist shorts. I like them because they are comfortable and easy. The pattern is McCalls M8821.


These will get a lot of wear. Not the most exciting, but definitely wearable! I also made lightweight bathrobes for DH and myself. Good for the increasingly hot summers.

On top of that, I have been working on getting you TONS of new fabrics! And have you seen that I added a Bridal category on the site?

I'm taking a chance. But then, when is owning a business not taking a chance? So here we go! Even if you're not getting married, I got some AMAZING laces, silks, and more that you can use for many different garments!

And I just got back from a buying trip where I got you SO many fabrics for now into the next seasons. You will see them over the next weeks, so keep a weather eye on the site.

In the meantime, stay well, get vaxxed if you aren't already, and again, stay well!

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