Sew For the Body You Have

Sew For the Body You Have

Jan 20, 2020Ann Steeves

A few months back I wrote a post, "It's Just a Number" that seemed to resonate. This is an ancillary thought to that post, inspired by a conversation I had with another student.

It's the start of a new year, and in January many of us make resolutions to do things better going forward. Getting fit and/or working out regularly is high on many people's lists. And that's great. 

One corollary to this is that many of us who sew get into the thought groove of "Let me make an outfit for the body I'll have when I reach my goal." It's kind of like buying a pair of jeans two sizes smaller than your current size, reasoning that they'll motivate you to lose weight. 

Honestly, I don't encourage that approach. I tell my students, "Sew for the body you have now. Wear what you make now, and enjoy it now." My reasoning is straightforward: sewing is a pleasurable experience, and one of the most pleasurable things about sewing is being able to take a garment off the machine, give it a final press, and wear it out and get complimented on it right away. I know I love that, and I don't think I'm alone!

If instead, you sew for the body you envision having "in the future", several things can happen: one - sometimes it takes longer to get to that state than you anticipate. In that case, the garment will hang unworn and forlorn in the closet, and its presence may feel like failure. Two - if and when you do get to your desired state, that garment may be out of season, out of fashion, it may remind you of a time you want to leave behind, or it just may feel stale to you. Three - when you do reach your desired state, your measurements and the garment's lines may not match up in a way you like. In any of those cases, that garment is likely to languish, and you won't get the joy from it that you want and deserve.

So I encourage you to sew for the body you have now. Make yourself a fabulous frock, terrific top, stylish skirt, or whatever. And make it now. Wear it now. Love it now.

And love yourself as you are now. Because you are amazing, just the way you are. With thanks to Bruno Mars, but it's true.

Happy sewing!

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