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Thoughts on Naughty Bobbin Patterns' Amare Dress
Nov 28, 2020
I wanted a nice, knit dress for Thanksgiving. I missed the deadline (life got in the way), but I did end up with a nice knit dress!
Thoughts on Style Arc Armidale Dress
Jun 29, 2020
A slightly vintage-y shirt dress that's perfect for summer.
Thoughts on Style Arc's Thea Paper Bag Pant
Apr 26, 2020
Linen pants are my go-to for summer. These ones are a great version!
Thoughts on Simplicity 8056, And Deep Stash IG Challenge
Mar 23, 2020
New trousers for spring, and a chance to win a Pantone Color Deck!
Sew For the Body You Have
Jan 20, 2020
Don't wait until you reach some magical "goal" to sew for yourself. Do it now.
It's Just a Number
Oct 20, 2019
Numbers do not define you.