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A Hybrid Style Arc Ann-Riva Top
Oct 26, 2021
An easy, quick top, with a slightly different construction method for fast and clean results.
Thoughts on Susan Khalje's Classic French Jacket Class/Pattern
Oct 10, 2021
A pictorial walk-through of the making of my Chanel-style jacket.
Yes, There HAS Been Sewing Around Here - And Happy Summer!
Aug 12, 2021
I've been really busy this summer, but I have had the chance to sew some things.
4th of July Sale Is Up!
Jun 25, 2021
Save 15% during our 4th of July sale!
Thoughts on Style Arc Sorrento Skirt
May 27, 2021
A cute, fun, easy skirt pattern.
Make the Lining First
May 24, 2021
Avoid project fatigue with this easy change to your sewing order!